Melody 'Mel' Bates

Hair Stylist

Melody Bates | Hair Stylist @ Kut Haus Salon Covina
Melody Bates | Hair Stylist @ Kut Haus Salon Covina

About Melody

Melody graduated from Citrus College’s Cosmetology Department in 2014. She realized her passion for hair styling as a small child who enjoyed cutting and styling her Barbie doll’s hair. In high school she took it upon herself to color and cut her friends’ hair, and started building her clientele ever since. Melody’s favorite part of being a stylist is client interaction and creating a fun and memorable experience for each person. She specializes in balayage and hair cutting techniques such as long layers, face framing, and even trendy bobs. She also understands the importance of perfecting her craft through education and welcomes constructive criticism as motivation to consistently achieve her clients’ hair goals. In her free time she enjoys Cross-fit, and credits her positive mental state and demeanor to exercise, which allows her to keep up with her busy schedule and daily clientele. Melody is truly an ambitious stylist, and aspires to eventually open her own hair salon.

Melody's Work