Meet Our Extraordinary Team

Each of our team members are highly trained and incredibly talented. We're here for you and ready to provide the best hair and beauty salon experience imaginable.


Salon Owner | Master Stylist

Mireya Camacho

Salon Manager | Color Specialist

Rae Steele

Director of Education | Hair Stylist

Kimberly Torres

Master Stylist

Nicole Prothero

Hair Stylist | Make Up Artist

Andrea Vega

Hair stylist | Make up artist

Veronica Escobar

Hair Stylist | Mens Grooming

Octavio Rosales

Hair Stylist

Luis Padilla

Hair Stylist

Jonah Crescencio

Hair Stylist

Priscilla Estrada

Hair Stylist

Melody Bates

Hair Stylist

Sara Rayann

Hair Stylist

Evelyn Ceballos

Front Desk Manager